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ProfileLite CPAP Mask

Category: CPAP

The Profile Lite Nasal Gel Mask features a softer, lighter gel cushion and forehead pad that gently rests against a patient’s face for a soft, comfortable fit. A simple, 10-minute customization process molds the mask to the patient’s facial contours. Patients can customize the mask on their own and repeat the process as needed to find the perfect fit. This mask consists of four parts and just two that need to be cleaned, making it easier to use and care for than other masks. Most patients fit one of three sizes so there is no need to stock a large inventory of sizes. Other sizes can be special ordered to meet special size requirements. Uses a one-size adjustable headgear that is interchangeable with most Respironics masks. Requires less tightening to ensure a seal, which means better patient comfort and may lead to improved compliance.

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