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REMstar Legacy Heated Humidifier

Category: Humidifier

The REMstar Legacy heated humidifier is an integrated, easy-to-operate heated humidification system featuring a unique, tubeless design that works with every CPAP and bilevel device in the Legacy family except the Remstar Lite.  This includes the Remstar Plus Pro, Pro 2, Auto CPAP units, and the Auto, Pro, Pro 2, Plus, autoSV, BiPAP-ST, and AVAPS bilevel units (see CPAP and Bilevel PAP).  The simple rubber coupler connection provides secure contact between the water chamber and CPAP or BiPAP device. 


  • Clear, two-piece water chamber is easy to fill and dishwasher safe
  • Lighted humidifier control button on the CPAP/BiPAP unit makes adjusting humidification levels simple
  • Heater plate status light makes it easy to see when the humidifier is on or off
  • Heated humidifier plugs directly into the REMstar unit, eliminating the need for extra cords, cables, or power sources

Note:  This humidifier is not compatible with Respironics' newer System One or M Series devices (see Humidifiers for the correct corresponding units). 

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Product Specifications

  • Heater settings: 1 to 5 (104 to 149° F / 40° to 65° C)
  • Humidity range: 10-40 mg H2O/L
  • Relative humidity: 15 to 95% (non-condensing)
  • Pressure drop with humidifier: 0.3 cm H2O over the range of operating pressures
  • Water capacity: 1 2/3 cups (400 ml)
  • Operating temperature: 41° F to 95°F (5-25° C)
  • Storage temperature: -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C)
  • Operating atmospheric pressure: 76.7 to 102 kPascals
  • Storage atmospheric pressure: 50 - 102 kPa
  • Dimensions: 13.25" x 6.5" x 2.125" (33.7 x 16.5 x 5.4 cm)
  • Product weight: < 1.85 lbs. (< .84 kg)
  • AC power consumption: 100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1.0 A max.

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