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GoLife Minimal Contact Nasal Mask for Men

Category: Compression Therapy

The new GoLife minimal contact mask is designed specifically to conform to the larger contours of the male facial structure.  It features straightforward, pre-formed headgear and self-adjusting, optimally angled nasal pillows for a one-step fit.  For simplicity, GoLife has few parts, comes in a wide range of sizes, and is easy to size and fit.  This results in less time fitting the mask, and can lead to more effective titration and minimal to no adjustments during regular use. 


  • Facial contour arms hug the cheeks to provide comfort and a secure seal, even when moving during sleep
  • Self-adjusting angled nasal pillows are intuitive, making fitting a one-step process
  • Increased stability eliminates the need for a chin support band, making the lower face more free to move
  • SImple headgear is designed for fast adjustment
  • Diffused airflow for quiet exhalation ensures a good night's sleep for you and your bed partner
  • Long, multi-directional 18" tube with 360° swivel maintains seal during patient movement

For additional product information, including more features and benefits, a larger image of the mask with detailed descriptions, and fitting instructions with pictures demonstrating use, click on the Product Detail PDF located below, under the Additional Resources tab.

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