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Prevail® Pant Liners

Category: Incontinence

Features & Benefits:

For Light to Heavy Incontinence ProtectionPrevail® Pant Liners
are contoured body-shaped with a Targeted Acquisition Zone for leakage protection and skin dryness.  With a full length adhesive strip and Breathable Cloth-like Outer Fabric, Prevail® Pant Liners fit comfortably into the wearer's underwear.  Prevail® Pant Liners offer a high level of dignity and comfort and are ideal for wearers that are on a toileting program.

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Product Specifications

  • Small -White-PL-100/1: ( 6" - 13.5") 208/Case 4 bags of 52
  • Large Plus - Blue-PL-113/1: (13" - 28") 96/Case 6 bags of 16
  • Overnight - Lavender-PL-115 : (13" - 28") 96/Case 6 bags of 16

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