Prevail® Adult Washcloths

Category: Incontinence

Features & Benefits:

Prevail® Washcloths
are made with Super Strong and Super Soft fabric. Single Hand Dispensing® ensures that a single, unfolded wipe dispenses each and every time for added convenience and less waste.

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Product Specifications

  • Prevail Washcoth - WW-701/1: 12" x 8" 48/Tub
  • Prevail Washcoth - WW-703/1: 12" x 8" 96/LargeTub
  • Prevail Washcoth - WW-707/1: 12" x 8" 48/Refill Pack
  • Prevail Washcoth - WW-713/1: 12" x 8" 96/Large Refill Pack
  • Prevail Washcoth - WW-710: 12" x 8" 48/Soft Pack with Press-n-Pull Lid

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