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Respironics GoLife for Men Nasal Pillows Mask

Category: CPAP

GoLife for Men and GoLife for Women give patients the unique fit and stability they deserve.

GoLife for Men and GoLife for Women are our first nasal pillows masks to be built around the unique features of men and women. The result is a gender-specific fit that provides tremendous stability.


At first glance it’s clear these two masks share a common platform, yet they’re quite different. The most obvious distinctions are the attractive colors that differentiate GoLife for Men and GoLife for Women.


But the real beauty is more than skin deep.

A closer look reveals the true design advantages of each. GoLife for Men is designed specifically to fit the larger contours of the male facial structure, while GoLife for Women is developed with a distinctly smaller frame and headgear to more closely fit feminine facial dimensions. Both feature straightforward headgear and self-adjusting, optimally angled nasal pillows for a one-step fit.


Quite simply, these unique GoLife masks help to take the complexity out of achieving successful nasal pillows therapy for both male and female patients. To see why GoLife for Men and GoLife for Women may be the right mask for you and many of your patients, visit the GoLife features and fitting sections of this site.


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