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Respironics Total Face Mask

Category: CPAP

Total Face Mask

A Total Unique Interface Solution for Noninvasive Ventilation and CPAP Therapy.

The Total Face Mask is an interface for adult patients using bi-level or CPAP systems in the hospital or home. It is a comfortable alternative for patients who may not be able to obtain a good seal with a nasal mask, experience skin breakdown, or who are claustrophobic.

Because the Total Face Mask covers the entire face, there are no pressure points around the nose to cause sores or skin breakdown. An effective seal is created around the outside of the face as air pressure from the system inflates the soft, flexible sealing layer. This minimizes leaks while providing optimal airflow through the nasal passages. And, because the air pressure is able to circulate throughout the mask, it allows more natural, comfortable breathing for the patient. Made of clear plastic, the lightweight faceplate adds to the comfort of Total Face Mask. It does not obstruct the patient's vision, which helps to minimize the feeling of claustrophobia that some patients experience.


Respironics Total Face Mask comes with comfortable, easy-to-use headgear. Sturdy cloth side straps and a mesh crown strap keep the mask evenly and securely in place and help to prevent mask leaks. Adjustable Velcro tabs on the straps attach to hooks on the faceplate of the mask for stable placement.

• Built- Exhalation Ports
   Provide continuous leak path in the circuit.

• Faceplate
   Does not obstruct the user's vision.

• Entrainment Valve
   Allows patient to breathe room air if pressure is discontinued as in the case of power failure.

• Pressure Pickoff
   Allows connection of a proximal pressure line or monitoring device.

• Quick Release Cord
   Enables fast removal of the mask.

• Headgear Straps 
   Attach to Velcro® hooks for secure placement.

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