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Minielite Neb with or without Battery

Category: Oxygen Concentrator

Helps make breathing easier at home and away
The MiniElite compressor nebulizer system is compact, lightweight, and designed for patient convenience. It can be powered by three versatile power sources---110V AC, 12V DC (car) and an optional rechargeable lithium ion battery. The freedom to choose when and where patients take their aerosol treatments makes the MiniElite an ideal daily traveling companion.
MiniElite compressor nebulizer system offers convenience to patients.  The compressor weighs less than a pound and less than 1.4 pounds with the optional rechargeable lithium ion battery attached. The MiniElite™ compressor comes with Mini Plus™ high efficiency, breath enhanced, reusable nebulizer and features:
carrying case
handset docking
12V DC (car) power cord
large on/off button
3 year warranty on compressor
instructional DVD

The MiniElite is the newest of Respironics' compressor nebulizer systems, complimenting the conventionally powered Inspiration® 626, Inspiration® Elite and Mister Neb systems.

Average treatment time: 7 minutes for 3 ml dose
Operating flow rate (with nebulizer): 3.5 liter per minute @ 11.6 psi
Maximum pressure of compressor: 29 psi
Maximum liter flow of compressor: 8 liters per minute
Nebulizer capacity: 8 ml
Electrical requirements: 12V DC, 1250 mA (compressor)
12V DC, 1800 mAh (battery)
Compressor 4.5 in x 3.8 in x 1.9 in
Compressor with battery 4.5 in x 3.8 in x 0.75 in
Compressor 1 pound
Compressor with battery 1.3 pounds

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