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Micro Elite

Category: Nebulizer

Compressor Nebulizer System

Proven jet nebulizer technology and a small, compact size combine to make MicroElite uniquely portable and convenient. Half the size of other common portables, it is easy to use and transport. Coupled with quick treatment times, MicroElite provides nebulizer patients with portability and speed that combine to optimize treatment and promote active lifestyles.

The MicroElite Compressor Nebulizer System includes: MicroElite compressor, Micro Plus™ reusable nebulizer handset, AC electrical adapter, DC electrical car adapter, four filters, instructional DVD, carry case, optional rechargeable lithium battery. Additional features include:


  • Quiet, small and lightweight
  • Treatment times in as little as eight minutes
  • Easy to use, transport and maintain
  • Nebulizes most commonly prescribed solutions and suspensions
  • Clear label available for customization
  • Available for children and adults with optional masks

 MicroElite is the newest and smallest of Respironics' compressor nebulizer systems that include the MiniElite™, Inspiration® 626, Inspiration® Elite and MisterNeb® systems.

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