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Category: Asthma

Personal Asthma Care Kits

Pick a PACK for patient compliance and implement three key elements of the NAEPP Asthma Treatment Guidelines with one prescription—peak flow monitoring, MDI drug delivery, and asthma education. One prescription will give your patients a comprehensive clinician-directed, patient-managed asthma plan with the tools needed to better understand their asthma, monitor their conditions objectively, and take their prescribed medications correctly and consistently. Each AsthmaPACK combination includes a peak flow meter, spacer, instructional video, and educational self-help booklet.


- AsthmaMentor® Peak Flow Meter (60-810 L/min)
The peak flow meter has an exclusive built-in AutoZone™ System that automatically calculates green, yellow, and red zones when the top of the color bar is set at a patient’s personal best or predicted average peak expiratory flow rate (PEFR). The Asthma Action Plan Sticker, which provides color-coded areas where you can write medication instructions, can be affixed to the back of the meter.
- Personal Best® Full Range Peak Flow Meter (60-810 L/min)
This peak flow meter has a built-in Asthma Management Zone System and Daily Record Chart.
- OptiChamber® Advantage Valved Holding Chamber
This is the ideal pediatric holding chamber with a replaceable, washable low-resistance valve that is sensitive enough to respond to the lowest of pediatric flow rates. The clear mouthpiece allows caregivers to see the valve move when assisting newborns and small children with inhaler medications. Detachable pediatric masks are available separately and can be removed for optimal drug delivery without the added cost of buying a new chamber. Accommodates both CFC and HFA inhaler medications.
- OptiHaler® MDI Drug Delivery System
The drug delivery system is conveniently sized to be carried in a pocket and helps patients coordinate their inhalation with the medication release by limiting air intake until the drug canister is depressed providing correct, consistent drug delivery every time.
- Self-Help Booklets
The booklets are available in English and Spanish text and include simple explanations about what happens during an asthma episode, what are asthma triggers, how to follow three-zone asthma management, how to manage asthma at school, what are nocturnal, exercise-induced and occupational asthma.
- Instructional Videos 
The videos teach patients how to use a peak flow meter and what the measurements mean, and show them how to facilitate and improve delivery of MDI medications with a spacer or valved holding chamber. Information in English and Spanish. (Closed-captioned)
- Carrying Case 
The case holds products and three inhalers.
- Fanny Pack Offer Card
The card helps you order your free fanny pack to hold products and three inhalers.

References: 1. National Asthma Education and Prevention Program: Expert Panel Report II: Guidelines for the diagnosis and management of asthma. Bethesda, MD: U.S. Department of Health & Human Services; 1997. NIH Publication No. 91-3042. 2. Lahd

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