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Bendy Bumper Family

Category: Pediatric

The Bendable positioning aid

The Bendy Bumper family includes bendable positioning aids that stay in place until reshaped by the caregiver. They can be molded into the desired shape to promote containment and to provide a reflex stimulus for extremity extension and subsequent flexion recoil. This unique molding capability is due to a patented hermetically-sealed lead rod structure in the center of a thick spongy foam body. 

For the Baby Bendy, the Bendy and the Super Bendy, the hermetically-sealed rod can be removed from the single-patient use foam body, enabling the rod to be cleaned and reused for multiple patients.  The foam should be discarded and not reused from patient to patient.  The B3 Better Bendy Bumper’s foam and lead rod are enclosed in a wipeable case, allowing this version to be completely reusable.  Two types of covers are available for all versions of the Bendy Bumper family:  washable cloth covers for multiple patient use and disposable covers for single patient use.

The original Bendy Bumper is available in three sizes:
- The Baby Bendy is specially designed for infants < 1200 grams.
- The Bendy Bumper is designed for infants > 1200 grams and is appropriate for all preterm and term infants.
- The Super Bendy is designed for infants > 1800 grams. The sturdier rod is perfect for positioning multiples, larger infants and pediatric patients.

The B3 Better Bendy Bumper
Designed with the same hermetically-sealed lead rod structure of the original Bendy Bumpers, the B3 is enclosed with a permanent, wipeable urethane (Dermaplush) cover. The washable urethane cover makes the entire B3 reusable for multiple patients.  The B3 Better Bendy Bumper can be wiped down in accordance to each individual hospital unit’s cleaning protocol and can be reused for multiple patients. The cloth covers can be laundered and reused; the disposable covers are designed for single patient use. The B3 Better Bendy Bumper is available in two sizes –  Better Bendy Bumper 28 inch and Better Bendy Bumper 36 inch.

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