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Category: CPAP

Fixed and Variable High Flow Generators

WhisperFlow generators are simple but exceptionally accurate devices used in the administration of continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP). They allow variable flow generated, from 0 to 140 L/min, and oxygen concentration, from 28 to 100%, enabling the clinician to meet a wide range of adult to pediatric patient needs. 

The WhisperFlow portable system is easy to set up and use. Coupled with a wide variety of CPAP masks and a full range of CPAP valves, the WhisperFlow generators and accessories can be suited for individual patient­s needs.


- Variable Flow 
Variable Flow Generator allows control of O¿ concentrations from 28 to 100% at flows from 0 to 140 L/min
- Fixed Flow 
Fixed Flow Generator produces a constant flow at 30% oxygen, ideal for ambulances and transports where O2 depletion is a concern
- Plugs
Plugs directly into wall oxygen supply or hose hook-up
- Can be EtO Sterilized
- Small and Quiet
- Breathing

Reduces patient­s work of breathing
- Improves O2 uptake
- Tachypnea

Useful in alleviating tachypnea
- Cardiogenic Pulmonary 
Pre-emptive treatment of cardiogenic pulmonary edema in the pre-hospital setting
- Post-Operative
Prevents post-operative atelectasis
Aids in the prevention and treatment of ARDS
- Weaning
Suitable modality for post-operative weaning
- ICU Ventilators 
Frees up ICU ventilators in CPAP applications
- Highly Portable
- Simple to use

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