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WhisperFlow 2

Category: CPAP

Variable High Flow Generator

The WhisperFlow 2 is the first in a series of "integrated" Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) devices from Caradyne. 

WhisperFlow 2 has the same broad operating specifications as the original WhisperFlow, (i.e.) variable flow rate from 0 to 140 L/min and oxygen concentration from 28 to 100%. In addition, the WhisperFlow 2 integrates some features of a typical CPAP circuit into the generator, making set-up easier and saving money by reducing components. 

When used with the Criterion monitors, the caregiver has a truly integrated CPAP system with sophisticated patient monitoring. 


The WhisperFlow 2-40 integrates the Criterion 40 pressure monitor and the WhisperFlow 2-60 integrates the Criterion 60 pressure and oxygen monitor.
- WhisperFlow 2 generators are designed to be easily mounted to any one of our series of Criterion monitors
- Variable flow generator allows control of O2 concentrations from 28 to 100% at flows from 0 to 140 L/min
- Built-in pressure relief valve at 28cm H2O
- Oxygen sensor port replaces a sensor tee piece
- Integrated pressure monitoring port
- Pole mountable for ease of transport
- Swivel elbow inlet port simplifies circuit configuration
- Two year warranty

Clinical Benefits of Mask CPAP
- Reduces patient­s work of breathing
- Improves O2 uptake
- Alleviates tachypnea
- Pre-emptive treatment of cardiogenic pulmonary edema
- Prevents post-operative atelectasis
- Assists in the prevention and treatment of ARDS
- Accelerates patient weaning from mechanical ventilation
- Frees up ICU ventilators in CPAP applications

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Product Specifications

  • Oxygen fittings: DISS, 6mm Hose Barb, Shrader, Mini AGA
  • Flow rate range: 0-140 L/min
  • Fio2 range: 28-100%

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