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Category: CPAP Masks

Complete line of air cushion masks The combination of single and double port masks offers the most extensive line of "no-leak" masks available to the clinician today.


AirSeal anesthesia and respiratory care face masks are durable and effective.
- ISO tubing connections
- Mask ventilation is easy, even with small hands
- 6 sizes of the single port inflated mask
- 3 adult sizes of the double port inflated mask (each with pressure monitoring port)
- Latex Free
- Clear mask cone allows easy visibility for immediate evaluation
- Inflation of cushion is never required
- Hook rings are included
- Size differentiated by color for easy identification

In an environment where quality and consistent performance are essential, AirSeal single and double port masks offer a solution you can count on.
- Sealed bladder insures proper inflation
- Tapered cushion is anatomically designed to allow a proper low pressure seal
- Elevated nose bridge for improved patient comfort
- The contoured design of the mask cone offers ease of use for hand held ventilation therapy
- Ideal for use in both hospital and pre-hospital settings

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Product Specifications

  • Materials: Single Use-PVC Cushion
  • CONNECTORS Double Port (Adult) Inlet ISO: 22mm M
  • CONNECTORS Double Port (Adult) Outlet ISO: 22mm F
  • CONNECTORS Single Port (Adult/Child) Inlet ISO: 22mm F
  • CONNECTORS Single Port (Infant/Neonatal) Inlet ISO: 15mm M

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