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SealFlex Multi-Strap

Category: CPAP Full Face Mask

Complete line of ribbed-cushion "full face" Multi-Strap masks

Innovation has been paired with excellence to offer another out-standing product in the field of therapeutic CPAP with the SealFlex family of Multi-Strap masks. 

The new, patented SealFlex Multi-Strap full face mask uses the unique ribbed cushion design, combined with a repositioning of the hook rings to the perimeter of the mask, to insure that the least amount of pressure is needed to make an airtight seal.

- Three adult sizes with pressure monitoring port
- Mask can never be deflated
- Anti-asphyxia valve
- One-way inlet valve to eliminate rebreathing
- Complete head strap and head-gear accessory kits available
- 22/30 millimeter CPAP valve con-nection
- Ventilator tube is directed away from patients face achieving better compliance

The SealFlex Multi-Strap full face mask takes a patented ribbed cushion design and combines it with redesigned hooking posts on the perimeter of the mask, allowing for a secure seal with the least amount of pressure being applied to the face and nose of the patient. This high level of patient comfort is essential for successful, ongoing therapy.
- Soft cushion material provides greater patient comfort and tolerance
- Safety features include anti-asphyxia valve and one-way inlet valve to eliminate rebreathing
- Pressure port integrated into face mask to provide source for proximal readings
- SealFlex has been in clinical use for over 10 years
- High dome eliminates nasal trauma
- Anatomically correct ribbed cushion shape allows for a low pressure seal, minimizing air leakage
- Headgear kits include:
- Selected Headgear
- Foam forehead spacer
- Forehead mask stabilizer clip
- Four sided bib clips for quick connect or hook and latch headgear setup

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Product Specifications

  • CONNECTORS Outlet ISO: 22mm F and 30mm M
  • CONNECTORS Inlet ISO: 22mm M
  • Materials: Cushion TPE

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