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Criterion 60

Category: Diagnostics

Advanced Airway Pressure Monitor Criterion 60 is a compact, state-of-the-art monitor designed to continuously evaluate and monitor patient airway pressure and oxygen concentration throughout the breathing cycle. 

The Criterion 60 offers programmable oxygen and pressure alarms for conditions outside user pre-determined high and low pressure and oxygen ranges. 

Criterion 60 is designed for use in applications with devices which do not monitor airway pressure and oxygen concentration, and as a backup for systems which include pressure and oxygen monitoring.

The Criterion 60 provides features and performance to meet a wide range of patient applications.
- LCD provides broad functionality, including real-time airway pressure and oxygen concentration, and peak pressure displays 
- Alarm silence and pre-silence controls 
- Internal battery provides 24-hour back-up 
- Internal pressure relief valve prevents damage to the transducer 
- Oxygen measurement automatically compensates for changes in atmospheric and patient circuit pressure 
- Smooth, compact, ergonomic form; easy to set up 
- AC and internal battery power 
- Intuitive interface provides both visual and audible feedback alarms 
- Display provides current and peak pressure data as well as FiO2 
- Mounts easily to a variety of standard hardware options with a convenient mounting bracket
- Internal pressure relief valve 

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Product Specifications

  • DIMENSIONS: 188mm x 198mm x 94mm
  • WEIGHT: 680g
  • TUBING FITTINGS: Female Luer
  • DISPLAY SCREEN: 4x20 LCD Display

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