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Certifier Plus Test System

Category: Respiratory

Introducing the new Certifier Plus Test System. This addition to the Certifier family now supports adult, pediatric, anesthesia, neonatal and high frequency ventilators. One device for all of your ventilator testing needs. Whether you need to completely verify the integrity of a ventilator or just spot-check certain parameters on the floor, the Certifier Plus is the perfect solution.

Highlights include:
- Intuitive color touch screen graphical user interface
- Graph mode
- Supports adult, pediatric, anesthesia, neonatal and high frequency ventilators (rates up to 1500 BPM)
- Bi-directional and unidirectional gas flow capabilities
- Print and data storage – 1MB in internal storage and 64M optional SD flash card
- USB communications
- Calibrations for air, oxygen, air/oxygen mixture, nitrogen, nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide
- Battery and AC operation
- High and low pressure measurements.

All Certifier Plus Gas Analyzers now come with the following features!
- A protective boot designed to cushion the Controller housing from impact and scratches.
- A 1G byte SD Flash Memory Card to store screen and waveform information for export and reporting.
- A USB A to Mini B Computer Cable for connection to a laptop or PC.
- New firmware which allows for Continuous Logging, Waveform logging and the Exporting of Graphed Data.

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