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CO2SMO Mainstream - Capnograph/Pulse Oximeter

Category: Pulse Oximeters

CO2SMO® is a combined Capnograph and Pulse Oximeter Monitor. It provides reliable mainstream measurement and display of end tidal carbon dioxide (ETCO2) and respiratory rate. Sidestream sampling is a standard features on the CO2SMO® .

The CAPNOSTAT® CO2 sensor features rugged solid-state construction and is small and lightweight. Reusable and Single Patient Use low dead-space airway adapters are available for monitoring adults, neonates and non-intubated patients.

CO2SMO® 's pulse oximeter provides reliable measurement and display of the percentage of oxygen saturation of arterial blood (SpO2) and pulse rate. Reusable finger and Y-Sensors™ are available for adults, pediatrics and neonatal monitoring applications. The monitor provides a selectable capnogram or plethysmogram display, on-screen trending and histogram display of ETCO2, respiratory rate, SPO2, and pulse rate, for up to 24 hours. A calendar/clock allows events, and the time they occur, to be marked in trend memory. RS232 computer and printer interface are standard. 

CO2SMO® uses a large SuperBright Cold Cathode Display (CCD), has a built-in combination kickstand and bed rail hanger, and can operate from AC power or its internal two hour battery. A sampling system for non-intubated patients is standard.


- The CO2SMO is a lightweight, portable monitor which verifies critical ventilation and oxygenation information in virtually any clinical setting; from emergency hospital transport to continuous monitoring in the OR, ED, or ICU. 
- Utilizes the CAPNOSTAT mainstream CO2 sensor with patented solid state design and standard two year unconditional warranty! 
- Designed for hassle-free performance in both prolonged and spot check monitoring situations, even under the most adverse airway conditions. 
- Monitors both intubated and non-intubated patients. 
- Convenient "On-Cable" accuracy verification eliminates the need for bulky calibration gas cylinders.

Pulse Oximeter
- Advanced SuperBrightT digital technology provides superior performance in conditions of low perfusion or motion artifact.
- Innovative reusable Y-SensorT is sterilizable and can be used with all patient populations. 
- Unique sensor management plan guarantees fixed operating costs and practically eliminates the burden of tracking and handling sensors. 
- On-screen plethysmogram with autogained/non-gained selection provides continuous validation of signal quality.

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Product Specifications

  • INITIALIZATION TIME: Capnogram within 15 sec., full specifications within 60 sec.
  • ALERTS LIMITS: Adjustable limits for ETCO2, SpO2, Respiratory and Pulse Rates
  • ALERTS AUDIO: Adjustable volume, 2 min. silence or OFF (LED indicators)
  • ALERTS VISUAL: On-screen & red "Alert Bar"
  • PHYSICAL SIZE: 3.3" H x 9.0" W x 8.0" D
  • POWER REQUIREMENTS: 100-120/200-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 30 VA
  • BATTERY: Sealed lead acid gel cell, 2 hr. life, 12 hr. recharge
  • OPERATING HUMIDITY: 0-90% relative (non-condensing)

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