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DirectView ventilation management reporting software

Category: Respiratory

DirectView ventilation data management software streamlines reporting to help identify adjustments necessary to maintain effective treatment and improve patient care. DirectView software is highly customizable and allows clinicians to select the parameters and the order in which they appear. Plus, the data can be exported into most statistical applications in an open format for clinicians to share for further analysis. 

Available for use with the Trilogy ventilator, DirectView enhances clinical evaluation with quick access to full patient therapy information including:
- breath-by-breath waveforms
- short-term and long-term trends
- statistics and patterns of usage
- fully customizable and easily exportable reports 

DirectView also allows prescription management through the use of a commonly available SD memory card.  

System requirements:
- PC compatible computer with Pentium III processor (600 MHz or higher)
- 1 GB of system RAM
- Operating system – Microsoft Windows XP with any service pack, Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional with Service Pack 4.0 or later or Microsoft Windows 2000 with service pack 4.0 or later
- 190 MB of available hard disk space (for application installation)
- 250 MB of available hard disk space (for each patient managed by DirectView)
- USB port (for SD card reader)
- Adobe Reader Version 6.0 or later
- SD card reader  

DirectView Reports
DirectView ventilation management software enhances your clinical evaluation, providing breath-by-breath waveform data, short- and long-term trends analyses, statistics and patterns of usage, plus fully customizable and easily exportable reports. 

View therapy data
DirectView offers a complete set of ventilation reports:
- Trends – a high level view of patient therapy for the past year
- Daily Details – a daily view of patient therapy over the past 30 days
- Usage Patterns – ventilator usage charts
- Statistics – a quick view into patient therapy

See the details
DirectView allows you to examine the past 72 hours of breath-by-breath waveforms for flow, leak, pressure, breaths per minute and tidal volume.

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