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Category: Respiratory Miscellaneous

A World of Patient Data at Your Fingertips. Anytime. Anywhere.

EncoreAnywhere is a web-based patient compliance management system that makes treating sleep-disordered breathing patients easier and more efficient. It's powerful, accurate and HIPAA compliant. Because it's web-based, it puts the information anywhere you want it. 

And, like the Internet, EncoreAnywhere is well-connected. With simple actions you can change patient pressure settings, send scripts and notes to homecare providers, track patient compliance for a particular time period and print customized reports.

Web-based EncoreAnywhere manages patient records, develops patient reports and tracks overall treatment progress of your patient populations. 
- Modem Versatility Compliance data can be automatically uploaded on a daily basis. Prescription changes also can be automatically communicated back to the patient's device.
- Communication The entire care team—including RTs, physicians and clinicians—has access to the same information and can communicate via notification messages.
- Management by Exception The easy-to-use, intuitive My Day homepage automatically identifies problem patients and their specific issues. With this information, you can quickly and easily prioritize patient intervention needs.
- Objective Compliance and Usage Reporting You can access standard and create custom reports on patient therapy data, FOSQ scores and any past problems reported by the patient to obtain a more complete picture of the patient's treatment history and office interactions. This flexibility improves future treatment and enables you to schedule reminders to alert your organization's staff when it's time to replace a mask, schedule a home visit or take whatever action you find most helpful.
- Detailed Patient Records In-depth information about your patients can be easily captured, including device, mask and accessory prescriptions; model numbers and sizes; contact information; and a log of past patient interactions, patient photo, primary and secondary insurance, medical care team, reminders and notes. This data is an invaluable resource for your Supply Replacement program.
- Mask Aging Report You can easily monitor the age of every mask your staff has dispensed ranked from oldest to youngest. This information gives you an ideal guide to help determine which patients may be ready for a new mask.
- Real-Time Data Access The modem module enables real-time access to patient data.
- System One Wireless On a daily basis the modem module will automatically download patient data while also uploading pressure prescription changes.

System Requirements
Recommended PC specifications, operating systems and other software:
- Pentium 4 CPU with 512MB of RAM (minimum recommended)
- Windows XP with Service Pack 2

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