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Image3 SE Single Patient Use Full Face Mask

Category: CPAP Full Face Mask

More Practical to Use Than Ever Before.
With new and improved head strap clips the Image3 SEmask is now more practical and convenient for clinicians to use when providing CPAP, pressure support or noninvasive ventilation therapy to patients. Image3 SE incorporates all of the comfort and features of the Image 3 Full Face Mask and includes a standard elbow, making it more suitable for use with ventilators equipped with an active safety valve.


- Improved Head Strap 'Swivel Clips' 
  Ball-and-socket design provides an intuitive and secure method of connecting and disconnecting the head straps.
- Lightweight Silicone Cushion 
  Helps improve seal, minimize leaks, and increase patient comfort, especially on the bridge of the nose.
- Three-point Headgear 
  Distributes tension evenly while adding stability for a more secure fit with fewer leaks.
- Six Adjustments Points 
  Makes mask adjustment easy to help fit a variety of patients.
- New, Improved Head Strap Material 
  Helps to strengthen the adhesive ability of the Velcro® tabs and minimize stretching.
- Mask Comes Assembled with Headgear 
  For easier and faster fitting.
- Pressure Pick-off Port 
  Allows for convenient mask pressure monitoring.
- Entrainment Valve 
  Provides quiet airflow and convenient access to room air if pressure is less than 3 cm H2O (e.g., power outage or   circuit disconnect).
- Three Sizes 
  Small, medium and large masks fit wide range of patients for easy sizing.
- Digital Auto-Trak Compatible
  Tested and shown to be compatible with BIPAP® systems featuring Digital Auto-Trak Sensitivity™; satisfies with   BIPAP Vision® exhalation port test.
- Nasogastric (NG) Tube Sealing Pad (optional) 
  Helps to maintain the mask's seal when an NG tube is used.

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