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LiteTouch valved holding chamber mask

Category: Respiratory

Comfort and compliance
LiteTouch is designed to provide greater wearing comfort and easier delivery of aerosol medication. The mask uses a unique design that molds a clear, hard shell to an exclusive soft-seal interface. It fits onto the mouthpiece of a Philips RespironicsOptiChamber Diamond valved holding chamber (VHC) and functions by simply touching the mask seal lightly to the patient’s face. It quickly and comfortably conforms to the patients’ facial contours, providing a soft, secure fit for greater comfort as well as improved medication delivery. 

- Soft-seal technology is designed to contour to face, reduce leakage with minimal applied force
- More comfortable and less technique dependent
- Clear, rigid structure provides application ease and unrestricted view of patient’s face during therapy
- Detachable masks available in three sizes

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