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NICO Cardiopulmonary Management System

Category: Respiratory

The NICO® monitor, measures cardiac output based on changes in respiratory CO2 concentration caused by a brief period of rebreathing. The measurement of cardiac output is accomplished by interpreting data collected by proprietary sensors that measure flow, airway pressure, and CO2 concentration, and then combining these signals to calculate CO2 elimination. Using these variables, a technique known as Fick partial rebreathing is applied to calculate cardiac output. The NICO monitor can be used with mechanically ventilated patients in the operating room, intensive care, or emergency departments.

Faster setup
The Esprit® Critical Care Ventilator can now provide the NICO® Monitor with breath type information.This enables NICO® to precisely differentiate mechanical and spontaneous breaths, eliminating the need for user-entered pressure threshold.

Easier to use
The NICO® Monitor obtains FIO2 directly from the Esprit® Ventilator, so users no longer have to enter and track FIO2changes 

Consolidated display
NICO® data is transmitted to the Esprit® Ventilator and can be displayed along with Esprit® data on the trend screen. Now you can easily correlate patient response with ventilator changes. 

Ventilaton Modes
Adult patients on controlled mechanicalventilation, or patients breathing spontaneously with ventilation support.
Ventilaton Modes
Partial CO2 rebreathing differential FICK, noninvasive.
Measurement Frequency
Rebreathing measurementmade every three minutes for a duration of 35 seconds.
Neurological Channels
Valve type - Dual diaphragm, pneumatically controlled
Return Spring - 4 to 40 cm H2O
Rebreathed Volume - Normal position: 35 ml
Rebreathing Position:125-285 ml (small), 150-450 ml (standard),200-835 ml (large)
CO2 / Flow Sensor - Integrated into NICO Sensor

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Product Specifications

  • Alerts (Adjustable Limits): C.O., ETCO2, SpO2, RR, No Respiration, VCO2 and Pulse rate
  • Alerts (Audio): Adjustable volume, 2 min. silence or OFF (LED indicators)
  • Alerts (Visual): On-screen indication and red LCD for high-priority alerts
  • Internal Battery Life: 45 minutes on full-charge
  • Internal Battery Recharge Time: 12 hours
  • Internal Battery Type: Lead acid gel cell

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