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NovaCARD Data Archive System

Category: Miscellaneous

NovaCARD™ -Computer Archive, Recall and Display- a powerful new tool, expands the unique data presentation advantage of Respironics capnographs, pulse oximeters, and transcutaneous monitors to include computerized archiving, recall and display of patient data. NovaCARD™ is a hardware/software combination that allows (the) user to transfer patient trend data, user stored waveforms, and monitored parameter values, from supported Respironics monitors to personal computers.

The NovaCARD™ system supports two methods of transferring data from a supported monitor to the computer; The NovaCARD™ and NovaCOMM™ interfaces. The NovaCARD™ interface consists of a Writer module that connects to your Respironics monitor and a Reader module that connects to your computer's serial port. The Writer module transfers data onto SRAM memory cards (credit-card sized devices with built-in data storage battery). The user then moves the memory card to the Reader module where the NovaCARD™ computer software can read, display, print or store the data. The NovaCOMM™ interface consists of a simple cable connection from the monitor to the computer, but it does not support all the features of the NovaCARD™ interface.Once transferred to the computer, the NovaCARD™ software allows the user to display and " scroll-through" trend data-complete with time/date, value and "event" information; to summarize the data into user defined "episodes", to display trend data in a graphical chart format (histogram) for quick assessment of patient progress; to display stored waveforms with parameter values; to print hard copy documentation in trend, waveform and histogram formats; to export data in a spreadsheet compatible format; and to archive separate data files from a single patient into a single archive folder to simplify record keeping and documentation.

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