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Oral Syringes

Category: Daily Living Aids

The oral dispensing solution for the NICU
In response to the Joint Commission's Sentinel Event Alert from April 2006—Tubing misconnections, a persistent and potentially deadly occurrence—Children's Medical Ventures has collaborated with healthcare professionals to develop Oral Syringes for use in the NICU, PICU, ICU and throughout the hospital. These individually packaged syringes are intended to avoid dangerous feeding and medication errors that can pose a significant risk to the infant and the hospital.   

Oral Syringes come in six different sizes (1 ml, 5 ml, 10 ml, 20 ml, 30 ml and 60 ml) with safety features that include a highly visible label that reads "ORAL DISPENSER," a bright orange tip that distinguishes it from medication syringes and a connector that will not securely attach to a standard luer lock connector. In addition, the 1 ml syringe is ½ the size commonly used to administer medication in the hospital setting—is a highly noticeable amber color, and its labeling reads "FOR ORAL USE ONLY."

- Individual poly bag packaging maintains syringe cleanliness during storage 
- Bright orange tip alerts clinician that syringe is for oral use only
- Specially designed overmolded syringe tip is more secure than adhesive-secured tips
- Will not securely connect to a luer lock connector 
- Highly visible color of 1 ml Amber Oral Syringe distinguishes it as an orally administered medication syringe
- The 1 ml Amber Oral Syringe is ideal for administering Sweet-Ease® Sucrose Solution  
- 60 ml Oral Syringe incorporates an overmolded tip that eliminates the gap between the tip and the barrel

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