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PerformaTrak SE Full Face Mask

Category: CPAP Full Face Mask

PerformaTrak® SE Single Patient Use Full Face Mask

Minimizes Mask Force To Help
Maximizes Patient Comfort

PerformaTrak SE's adjustable forehead support is designed to minimize mask force at the bridge of the nose while maintaining an optimal seal. This helps resolve pressure point problems associated with mask interface during the application on noninvasive ventilation. By easily adjusting the mask force at the bridge of the patient's nose, clinicians can provide a patient with the comfortable fit needed to enhance ventilation therapy.

The PerformaTrak SE is built to perform with comfort and convenience, incorporating features such as:

- Dual Flap Facemask
A dual flap facemask cushion - to provide comfort and effective leak control.

- Adjustable Forehead Support 
An adjustable forehead support - to facilitate full control of mask force at the bridge of the nose; swivel forehead support pads adjust to contour of patient's forehead.

- Head Strap Clips 
New and improved head strap clips - ball-and-socket design provides an intuitive and secure method of connecting and disconnecting the head straps.

Other features include:
- Standard elbow - for use with Esprit® critical care ventilator with an internal safety valve system. 
- An integrated sizing gauge - to make mask fitting easier and more convenient. 
- Color-coded packaging - makes it easier to identify an SE type mask.

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