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PerforMax Face Mask

Category: CPAP Full Face Mask

Fits more patients with less setup

By sealing around the perimeter of the face, where patients have less pressure sensitivity and smoother facial contours, the PerforMax face mask improves comfort, minimizes skin breakdown, and eliminates nasal bridge seal challenges. The PerforMax face mask also simplifies mask selection and speeds setup by fitting a wide range of patients with only two sizes.

The PerforMax design considerations go beyond the mask itself. Innovative snap clips require minimal alignment and manipulation for easy application and removal. The soft, pliable, non-stretch headgear maintains a consistent fit during extended use. Once the patient has been fit, the straps can be repeatedly unclipped and reattached without readjustment.

- Perimeter seal with soft silicone cushion fits quickly and evenly for maximum comfort.
- Interchangeable elbows enable compatibility with single and dual limb systems.
- Snap clips eliminate need to refit after removal and simplify re-application.
- Over-molded cushion stays attached to the mask frame.
- Multi-patient use reduces costs associated with mask replacement, and PerforMax face mask is approved for thermal sterilization, STERRAD®, Cidex® and Cidex OPA.
- Entrainment elbow (EE) uses built-in radial diffusion leak ports that deflect exhaled gas away from caregiver.
- Replacement headgear is available for simple re-use and quick turnaround.
- Grab tabs on headgear allow quick, easy removal and adjustment.
- In-line pressure port for easy tubing management.

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Product Specifications

  • Pressure Drop cm H2O, (hPa): 0.52 @ 50 SLPM; 1.07 @100 SLPM
  • Approximate Deadspace Volume*: 550 ml (Adult); 350 ml (Small Adult)
  • Storage Conditions: -4° to +140° F (-20° to 60° C) 15% to 95% RH, non-condensing
  • Operating Conditions: +41° to +104° (+5° to +40° F) 15% to 95% RH, non-condensing
  • *: Deadspace may vary depending on the patient’s facial features.

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