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The PLV Continuum II Ventilator

Category: Respiratory

For patients who rely on a ventilator every day, a more mobile life means better quality of life. The PLV Continuum II ventilator provides five ventilation modes in a small, light weight system that supports patient mobility. With integrated side rails for wheelchair compatibility and a shoulder strap for walking, ventilator-dependent patients can maintain many activities inside and outside the home. For added freedom, a built-in PEEP valve allows for a lighter patient circuit, and when used with flow triggering, this feature makes the PLV Continuum II a more comfortable choice for many patients.

The PLV Continuum II includes a full range of features that simplify life for pediatric and adult patients, as well as their physicians and health care providers. The PLV Continuum II delivers both pressure control ventilation (PCV) and volume control ventilation (VCV). With the ability to store and easily switch between primary and secondary settings, the PLV Continuum II simplifies life for patients who have changing ventilation needs throughout the day.

PATIENT TYPES: Adult, Pediatric (5 kg, 11 lb and greater)
VENTILATION MODES: PCV - Pressure Control Ventilation, VCV - Volume Control Ventilation
Breath Types: PCV - Pressure Control Ventilation, VCV - Volume Control Ventilation
BREATH TYPES: A/C - Assist control, SIMV - Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation, PS - Pressure Support, PC - Pressure control, Spont - Spontaneous, Apnea, Sigh
PATIENT ALARMS AND ALERTS: Apnea Alarm, I-Time Too Long Alarm, Occlusion/Disconnect - SVO Alarm, Inverse I:E Ratio Alert, Pressure (high or low) Alarms, High Inhalation Pressure (one breath) Alert, Low Exhaled Minute volume Alarm, Low Exhaled Tidal Volume Alarm, High Respiratory Rate Alarm
SYSTEM ALARMS AND ALERTS: Backup Alarm Failure, Barometer Failure, Depleted External Battery, High Temperature, Indicator Failure, Primary Alarm Failure, Proximal Flow Sensor Failure, Internal Battery Use, Vent Inop, Low Internal Battery, Depleted Internal Battery

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Product Specifications

  • Apnea Interval: 20 seconds (preset)
  • Apnea Rate: 12 BPM (preset)
  • E-Cycle 10: 10 - 40%
  • Flow Pattern: Square, Ramp
  • I-Time: 0.2 - 5.0 seconds
  • Peak Flow: 3 - 120 LPM
  • PEEP: Off, 1 - 15 cmH2O
  • Pressure: 5 - 60 cmH2O
  • Pressure Support Level: Off, 1 - 60 cmH2O
  • Pressure Sensitivity: 0.1 - 20 cmH2O
  • Flow Sensitivity: 2 - 20 LPM
  • Sigh: On, Off (150% of set tidal volume every 100 breaths)
  • Respiratory Rate: 1 - 80 BPM
  • Tidal Volume: 5 - 2500 ml
  • Patient Data: Range
  • Pressure bar graph: -10 to 90 cmH2O
  • Peak Inspiratory Pressure (PIP): -10 to 99 cmH2O
  • Mean Airway Pressure: -10 to 99 cmH2O
  • Respiratory Rate: 0 to 150 BPM
  • I:E Ratio: 9.9:1 to 1:99
  • Dimensions: 10 in (w) x 12 in (d) x 5.5 in (h)
  • Weight: 22 lbs

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