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Pro-Flow pressure airflow cannulas

Category: Diagnostics

Our Pro-Flow and Pro-Flow Plus cannulas, designed for pressure transducers, provide optimal performance and comfort. They have soft, narrow prongs for minimal nasal resistance. Each cannula has a hydrophobic, anti-microbial filter preventing cross-contamination and transducer failure. Sizes are available for pediatric and adult patients.

Pro-Flow Multipurpose cannulas are designed to simultaneously monitor airflow and end-tidal CO2 (EtCO2), or monitor airflow and deliver low flow therapeutic oxygen. The Pro-Flow Multipurpose cannula is available in pediatric and adult sizes.

- Economical and disposable
- Compatible our PTAF2 and PTAF Lite as well as most other pressure sensors on the market
- Nasal prongs designed to minimize airflow resistance to the patient
- Soft tubing to aid in patient comfort and ease of handling
- Narrow kink-resistant tubing to help ensure optimal signal capture and high frequency signal response
- Disposable airflow sensing
- High-performance design to optimize accuracy of airflow and snore signals
- In-line hydrophobic and anti-microbial filter for patient safety
- The Pro-Flow cannula detects nasal pressure changes
- The Pro-Flow Plus cannula detects nasal and oral pressure changes and is designed specifically for use in the sleep medicine field
- Both cannulas provide an outstanding snore signal due to snoring-induced vibrations on the pressure signal

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Product Specifications

  • Connect Tubing: 7 feet (2.13 meters)
  • Filter: Hydrophilic and antimicrobial
  • Sizes: pediatric and adult

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