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Pro-Tech Thermal Airflow Sensors

Category: Diagnostics

Our thermocouples and thermistors are compatible with most major PSG systems. These comfortable and easy-to-place sensors continue to be a leader in testing facilities around the world. They are able to monitor oral and nasal airflow separately or together. Adult and pediatric sizes are available with reusable or disposable thermocouples.

- Comfortable, adjustable and easy patient application
- Insulated tips to eliminate artifact
- Compatible with most polygraphs
- Available in single and separate channel versions
- Adult and pediatric sizes

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Product Specifications

  • Sensor Technology: Thermocouple and Thermistor
  • Typical PSG Sensitivity: 2-30 µV/mm
  • Typical PSG Low frequency filter: 0.16 Hz or lower
  • Typical PSG High frequency filter: 15 Hz
  • Typical signal amplitude: 400 uV peak to peak (three element single channel sensor)
  • Output impedance: 7 Ohms
  • Standard connector: 1.5mm safety connector
  • Wire length: 7.0 feet (2.13 meters)

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