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Pro-Tech Piezo Respiratory Effort Sensors

Category: Diagnostics

We offer a full complement of piezo respiratory effort solutions. Models are available for patients from pediatric small to adult. Belt solutions range from Velcro straps (CT1 versions) to one-size-fits-all (CT2 versions). Our piezo effort sensors are compatible with most PSG systems and plug directly into standard AC channels.

- Low profile for patient comfort
- Multiple belting solutions
- Latex free
- Connects with AC jackbox

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Product Specifications

  • Sensor Technology: piezo
  • Typical Polygraph Sensitivity: 2-30 µV/mm
  • Typical Polygraph Low Frequency Filter: 0.15 Hz or lower
  • Typical Polygraph High Frequency Filter: 15 Hz
  • Typical signal amplitude: 600 µV peak-to-peak
  • Standard connector type: 1.5 mm safety connector
  • Wire length: 7.0 feet (2.13 meters)

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