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Pro-Tech Body Position Sensors

Category: Diagnostics

Accurate body position monitoring is important to the diagnosis of sleep-disordered breathing. Our body position sensors are designed to easily and comfortably mount onto thoracic respiratory effort belts and are compatible with most PSG systems.

- Signal outputs: prone, supine, left, right, upright
- Multiple PSG compatibility
- Attach to thoracic effort belt
- Mercury free

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Product Specifications

  • Typical Signal Amplitude (Prone): 0.62 VDC
  • Typical Signal Amplitude (Supine): 0.41 VDC
  • Typical Signal Amplitude (Left): 0.19 VDC
  • Typical Signal Amplitude (Right): 0.78 VDC
  • Typical Signal Amplitude (Upright): 0.0 VDC
  • All Positions: are +/- 10% over the life of the battery
  • Output impedance: 78.8 KOhms
  • Wire length: 7.0 feet (2.13 meters)

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