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Sleepware G3 diagnostic software

Category: Diagnostics

Sleepware G3 is our powerful and easy-to-use sleep diagnostic software designed to better meet your workflow needs. It records and simultaneously displays data acquired by any of the Alice in-lab data collection systems, Alice 5 and Alice LE, and our portable systems, Alice PDx.

When it comes to diagnosing your patients, you and your staff now can have a more enriching and productive experience. Our powerful and easy-to-use Sleepware G3 sleep diagnostic software gives you control and protection against unwanted access to patient data. It also provides the ability to create various user logins as needed to conform to your lab workflow. 

With its robust platform and enhanced functionality, you’ll be able to: 
- Ensure data integrity and consistency
- Enable supervisors to have more control over use group privileges and workflow
- View and customize patient data to meet specific user needs
- Create workspace “favorites” to help enhance efficiency
- Create flexible or restricted program preferences
- Realize an integrated channel view with more meaningful parameters
- Extract the relevant data needed to better determine appropriate patient treatment plans  

Sleepware G3 introduces an innovative new composite channel type that is especially useful when using the Philips Respironics BiPAP autoSv on your more complex patients. This new channel includes multiple therapy settings and patient pressures into one composite display (available as a trend or in breath-by-breath raw data form).

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