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SnoreSilencer Pro

Category: Aids to Daily Living

The SnoreSilencer Pro is a heat-and-fit mandibular advancement appliance with custom-like qualities, but without the expense of a custom device. It eliminates the cost and time associated with manufacture by a dental lab, and patients can wear the device the same day they are fitted. 

With its patented hinge technology and soft pliable material, the SnoreSilencer Pro device is close to custom in comfort and ability to titrate, but without the long waiting period for lab fabrication. The patient is fit in the office and the results can be enjoyed that night. If your lab is currently working with a dentist practicing sleep medicine or is a member of the AADSM, consider the SnoreSilencer Pro for your non-compliant CPAP or snore-only patients.

 The American Academy of Sleep Medicine practice parameters have recommended oral appliance therapy as a first line of treatment for snoring and/or mild-to-moderate OSA. Available only in U.S. and Canada.

- Multiple positions of mandibular advancement; advances gradually to facilitate a more comfortable acclimation period and prevent jaw problems
- Bi-component material; enhances ease of fitting, increases rigidity and enables a soft inner shell
- Patented lateral movement; designed to improve jaw comfort and enhance patient acceptance and compliance

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