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Somnolyzer 24x7 scoring solution

Category: Diagnostics

Somnolyzer 24x7 is a clinically-validated, computer-assisted sleep scoring system designed to help simplify and improve sleep study scoring productivity, accuracy, and consistency. By reducing the time sleep technicians spend on studies – typically to less than one-half of normal time – they can be free to deal with other important lab activities. 

Somnolyzer 24x7 has been proven to most closely approximate human scoring and was tested on the largest normative database, as well as on thousands of patient studies.1  

Somnolyzer 24x7:
- Includes an expert review process
- Applies the same scoring rules as any human expert
- Follows R&K and current AASM standards
- Detects all relevant visual features (i.e., spindles, eye movements, delta waves) just as in manual scoring
- Enables you to view reports in your native system without having to change them (dependent upon the sleep system you use)
- Ensures that your scored results are of consistent quality by diminishing interscorer variability 

1 Penzel T, Hirshkowitz M, Harsh J, et al. Digital analysis and technical specifications, Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine 2007;3(2)109-120.

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