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Threshold IMT

Category: Respiratory

Threshold IMT provides consistent and specific pressure for inspiratory muscle strength and endurance training, regardless of how quickly or slowly patients breathe. This device incorporates a flow-independent one-way valve to ensure consistent resistance and features an adjustable specific pressure setting (in cm H2O) to be set by a healthcare professional. When patients inhale through Threshold IMT, a spring-loaded valve provides a resistance that exercises respiratory muscles through conditioning. 

- Flow-independent one-way valve
- Constant pressure (regardless of patient’s airflow) eliminates the need for a pressure indicator
- Easy to set, truly adjustable pressure (2 cm H2O increments)
- Effective therapy when held in any position
- Can be used with mouthpiece or mask
- Easy to clean
- Made of durable, high-impact acrylic
- Increases respiratory muscle strength 1
- Increases respiratory muscle endurance 1
- Increases exercise tolerance 1   

1. Larson JL, Kim MJ, Sharp JT, Larson DA: Inspiratory muscle training with a pressure threshold breathing device in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (abstract). Am Rev Resp Dis1986;133:A100.

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Product Specifications

  • Accuracy: ±2 cm H2O
  • Reproducibility: ±1 cm H2O
  • Length: 4.6"
  • Diameter: 1.6"
  • Weight: 1.3 oz
  • Materials (Main Body): Impact-resistant acrylic
  • Materials (Scale): Hot-stamped, alcohol -resistant
  • Materials (Mouthpiece): Polypropylene
  • Materials (Nose clip): Polypropylene
  • Measurement Range: 9 - 41cm H2O
  • Resolution: 2 cm H2O

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