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Respironics V200

Category: Respiratory

Recovery starts with synchrony
The Respironics V200 Critical Care Ventilator provides state-of-the-art ventilation modes with synchrony options that reduce work of breathing and streamline patient care. As a busy clinician, you will appreciate the V200 Ventilator's design and its range of treatment modalities for all patient populations. The V200 Ventilator also supports care in any environment by connecting to Philips patient monitors and hospital information systems for a seamless flow of ventilation information.

For invasive ventilation, the Philips V200 provides instantly recognizable modes. Behind these modes, the V200 ventilator employs advanced breath delivery algorithms—Auto-Trak, Flow-Trak, and Baby-Trak—to improve patient-ventilator synchrony.

For noninvasive ventilation (NIV), the V200 functions like the BiPAP Vision with Auto-Trak, the gold standard for NIV. By using spontaneous breathing (S) and timed back-up (S/T) with IPAP and EPAP settings, the V200 keeps NIV simple, for new and experienced caregivers.


Patient types -
 Adult, Pediatric, Neonates (≥ 0.5 kg)

Breath types - 
 Volume control ventilation(VCV), Pressure control ventilation(PCV),

Modes -
 A/C (Assist/control), CPAP (Continuous positive airway pressure), NIV (Noninvasive ventilation), PSV (Pressure support ventilation), SIMV (Synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation), SIMV/PSV (SIMV with pressure support),

Optional Features - 
 Auto-Trak software, Flow-Trak software, Neonatal software with Baby-Trak, Speaking mode software, Respiratory profile monitor interface software, 72-hour trending package software, Respiratory mechanics software, External Battery, Oxygen manifold kit 

Communications -
 Philips VueLink open interface, Philips DeviceLink, Respi-Link, Capsule, Other monitoring and patient information systems, RS232 communications port, Printer compatible, Analog output port 

Physical Dimensions (without cart)
Height - 42 cm (17 in)
Width - 38 cm (15 in)
Depth - 65 cm (25 in)
Weight - 30 kg (66 lb)
Weight with cart - 42 kg (93 lb)

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