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VersaFlex Disposable pH Probe

Category: Diagnostics

For Use with RepHlux Tracer
The VersaFlex Disposable pH probes* are small and flexible to ensure maximum comfort for the patient. Available in single or dual channel configurations.

Tubing Specifications:
- Small 1.5mm (4 Fr) diameter tubing provides maximum patient comfort for neonatal, pediatric and adult patients
- Smooth surface eliminates the large “bump” typically found at the sensor tip
- Optimal stiffness for easier intubation that softens at body temperature for greater patient comfort
- Barium filled to allow proper visualization of probe placement using X-ray
- Dual channel configuration features two sensors spaced 5cm apart

*Because pH probes must be soaked and calibrated prior to any procedure, the Calibration Kit contains disposable tubes with pH buffers, providing a convenient solution to streamline these pre-procedure tasks. The Calibration Kit contains pH7 and pH4 buffers as well as deionized water for rinsing – enough to calibrate ten VersaFlex probes.

VersaFlex is a trademark of Alpine Biomed.

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