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ComfortLite 2

Category: CPAP Masks

The ComfortLite 2 offers a host of features to help fit a wide range of patients looking for an increased chance at comfort and compliance. There are now three nasal interface offerings – the NEW Pillows Cushion, the Simple Cushion™, the Direct Seal™ - giving patients a more personalized choice for their most comfortable and effective interface. The new “Halo” Headgear keeps the straps off the face and relies on the forehead for stability which provides a comfortable, reliable seal with no pressure points. This newly designed headgear features straps that are made from a flexible, sleep-friendly fabric and can be configured three ways. The crown swivel is made of a new, easy-rotating material,  it’s been moved forward to reduce contact with the patient’s bed pillow. This combination of features and personal options may be just right for patients who’ve been searching for a lightweight mask that offers an increased chance at comfort and in turn, compliance.

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